We are located right in the middle of one of the main tourist attractions of the Lac Saint-Jean region

Roberval, la Vie au bord du lac !

Roberval: living on the lakeshore!

Situated right on the shores of majestic Lac Saint-Jean, the town of Roberval has an exceptional architectural heritage. You can visit the historic buildings downtown and take the bike trail right through the magnificent marina and on to the municip

Traversée internationale du lac Saint-Jean

Traversée internationale du lac Saint-Jean

Since 1955, every year in late July, the Traversée Internationale du Lac Saint-Jean has played host to the world’s best swimmers: it’s not surprising that Roberval has become known as the world’s capital of open-water swimming. Come and celebrate



Take a rest at the new marina, near of the lake and eat a delicious ice cream !

Jardin des Ursulines

Ursuline Garden

Come see the new Ursuline Garden : a meeting place for local artists and craftspeople. This magnificent lakeside area was originally a contemplative garden for the Ursuline nuns.

Communauté Montagnaise de Mashteuiatsh

Montagnais community of Mashteuiatsh

Only 8 km away, come and discover the Montagnais culture and lifestyle.

Village historique de Val-Jalbert

Historic village of Val-Jalbert

(10 km)

Club de golf de Saint-Prime

Saint-Prime Golf Club

(14 km)

Musée du fromage Cheddar de Saint-Prime

Saint-Prime Cheddar Museum


Zoo sauvage de Saint-Félicien

Saint-Félicien Wild Zoo

(24 km)

Caverne Trou de la Fée

Caverne Trou de la Fée

(25 km)

Ermitage Saint-Antoine de Lac-Bouchette

Saint Anthony’s Hermitage in Lac-Bouchette

(44 km)

Les Jardins Scullion

Les Jardins Scullion

(89 km) Discover those wonderful flowers and garden !